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STooPS Unites

the Bed-Stuy Community!

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“STooPS” all started with an idea from a

local dancer who says she wanted to bring back

the culture of hanging out and doing art

on the stoops in Brooklyn."

— News 12 Brooklyn

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"...the STooPS geared up

and ready to bring Brooklyn artists

right to your front door. Literally."

— Brokelyn

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STooPS 2013 culminated with

a performance by Grammy-nominated

artists Les Nubians.

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"The variety and quality of artist offerings, the enthusiasm of supporting businesses

and the open-heartedness of the community was a gift to witness." - STooPS Sightseer

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“I met so many wonderful, talented people and

loved the community of artists I became engaged in.”

- STooPS Artist

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"...the neighborhood is a gold mine for creative and performance artists." — Bed-Stuy Patch